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Week of June 6, 2011

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Jeffrey Kahane, conductor
Daniel Hope, violin

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SCHULHOFF: Double Concerto for Violin and Piano
MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64 (original version) (1844)
WEILL: Symphony No. 2 (1934)
HANDEL: Water Music (Suite 1) –Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz (Delos 3010) The Water Music of George Frideric Handel

This week's concert grew out of a shared history between two musicians, and how anti-semitism affected previous generations of composers. Together, they share in that extraordinary creativity in music of loss and great optimism.

Sarah U. of Lubbock won this week's encore contest by correctly ID'ing Bach's "Air on the G String".

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Jeffrey Kahane

Daniel Hope

Felix Mendelssohn

Erwin Schulhoff