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Week of February 4, 2008

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Kurt Masur, conductor

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Schumann: Symphony No. 2
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2

You’d never know it in a million years, but Kurt Masur – the conductor whose face looks like it was cut from solid rock – used to be so shy that he had to force himself into precarious situations to help him overcome his fears. As a young man, he jumped into deep lakes, not knowing what his feet might find; and he became a glider pilot, taking to the skies, to conquer his fear of heights. Whatever he did must’ve worked, because this shy boy from Germany went on to head the orchestras of Dresden, New York, Paris and London. Tonight we catch up with him at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, where he conducted the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Schumann and Tchaikovsky.

This edition of SymphonyCast was created in association with Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

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Kurt Masur

Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Robert Schumann

Pyotr Tchaikovsky