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Week of January 7, 2008

Cleveland Orchestra
Iván Fischer, conductor

Hilary Hahn, violin

The audio for this program has been removed, per American Public Media's rights agreement with this orchestra.

Dohnanyi: Symphonic Minutes
Dvorak: Violin Concerto
Dvorak: Symphony No. 8

Putting together an orchestra program is a bit like asking a couple of cooks into the kitchen. The Orchestra administration might want to program something thatíll make for good box office; the soloist might want to suggest the new concerto she or heís been working up; and then thereís the conductor... When IvŠn Fischer agreed to conduct The Cleveland Orchestra for this concert, he wanted to shake things up a bit. So, he picked a piece that the Orchestra had never played before, and one that would offer a nice sharp contrast to Dvorak's popular Eighth Symphony. He chose the whimsical Symphonic Minutes by Erno Dohnanyi.

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Iván Fischer
(photo © Joost van Velsen)

Hilary Hahn
(photo © courtesy Kasskara of Deutsche Grammophon)

Erno Dohnanyi

Antonin Dvorak