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Week of February 10, 2014

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Jeffrey Kahane — Conductor and piano
Augustin Hadelich — Violin

SymphonyCast 02/10/2014 (Hour 1)
SymphonyCast 02/10/2014 (Hour 2)

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RAVEL: Piano concerto in G

NORMAN: The Great Swiftness

MATHESON: True South

BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto in D, Op. 61

BACH: Concerto for Violin, Strings and Continuo
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Jeffrey Kahane, Hilary Hahn
Hilary Hahn Bach Concertos
DG 986

Overcoming long odds after a serious accident, violinist Augustin Hadelich's ability is all the more remarkable.

Christopher Reyes of Yorba Linda, CA won this week's Encore Contest by correctly identifying Niccolo Paganini's Caprice No. 24 in A minor.

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Jefferey Kahane
Jefferey Kahane
Augustin Hadelich
Augustin Hadelich
James Matheson
James Matheson
Andrew Norman
Andrew Norman