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Week of July 15, 2013

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Pierre Boulez — Conductor

SymphonyCast 07/15/2013 (Hour 1)
SymphonyCast 07/15/2013 (Hour 2)

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WEBERN: Sechs Stucke fur Orchester, Op. 6

Mahler: Symphony No. 7

A study in contrasts, this week's show features the minimalist Six Pieces by Webern (how small can you make a symphony and still have it count?) and the sweeping "Song of the Night" symphony (yes, a symphony can really be that long) by Mahler.

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Anton Webern
Anton Webern
Gustav Mahler
Gustav Mahler
Pierre Boulez
Pierre Boulez
Amsterdam's Concertgebouw
Amsterdam's Concertgebouw